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Mark Sims was born in New York City.  He came to Paris in the early 80’s and has worked as a trombonist with the following artists:
Luther Allison, Rido Bayonne,  Randy Weston, Sam Rivers big band, Dee Dee Sunbeam, Gasoline, Nuevo Son,  Caiman featuring Yuri Buenaventura, Mambo Mania, Alfredo Rodriguez, Alberto Torres, Azuquita, Pierre Vasilu, Sylviane Cedia, Orchestre des Prix (classical), Isaac Hayes, Teta Landau, Sam Fan Toma, Andre Marie Talla, Kellin Kellin and Sun Ra.  He has toured extensively with Salif Keita, Mory Kante, Soukouss All Stars, Bernard Allison, Khaled, American Gospel Choir, Les Cent Voix (gospel) , Spirit House, and the Jobik Le Masson Sextet.
Photo : https://hotshoe.org/photos/32185