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Born in 1979, Icheme was initiated from an early age on the guitar by his older brother, himself a guitarist of rock and blues.
At 6 years old his first influence (and still today!) is Jimi Hendrix, of which he learns all the pieces, he is passionate about Blues and discovers the acoustic blues of Lightnin ‘Hopkins. He then discovers the Jazz (always tinged with blues) by the guitarist Wes Montgomery.
In family, the brothers perform on local scenes, and are opening for big acts (Luther Allison, BB King, Hubert Felix Thiefaine …) on various occasions (Salon de Provence jazz festival in the 90s)
As a teenager, he has forged a solid musical culture, listening mainly to Blues, Jazz and Fusion (jazz-rock), when, thanks to the media library of Salon-de-Provence, he discovers Bach, that he grabs in his ear on a keyboard, and opens the doors of harmony, modulation and so-called « classical » music.
He then became passionate about the electric bass, formed by listening to bassists Jaco Pastorius and Marcus Miller.
A year at Thor’s musical school teaches him to read music, and introduces him to orchestration and arrangement.
Since, and after rolled his hump in many countries, he lives mainly between Paris and London: he played with Amar Sundy, Madalena Trabucco, Jean Roch Waro, Miss Dominique, Nick Van Gelder (Jamiroquai), Spanky Mccurdy (Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson) Winston Blissett (Massive Attack), Lee John (Imagination), Phil Ramocon (Phil Collins, Keb Mo’), Stephen Mc Craven (Archie Shepp), Sulaiman Hakim (Max Roach, Luther Allison) Akua Naru (of which he has performed part of the 2016 tour), Roger Spencer, grammy award winner jazz heavyweight  David Murray, Lady Ponce, Khalil Chahine, Niki Buzz (formerly Vendetta), Dom Pipkin and the Ikos ( keyboard player for Morcheeba), Lucky Peterson. He’s currently the bass player for Louis Bertignac, Boney Fields (Luther Allison, James Cotton), Sulaiman Hakim , Khalil Chahine, Chris Dailey Mc Craven, Ladell Mclin, Cameron AKA Loud Parade, as a bassist, upright bass player and guitarist, and co-producer and collaborates with various groups or artists mainly English or American.
Image : http://hallbluesclub.blogspot.com/2017/12/ladell-mclin-au-hall-blues-club.html